Updates Fall 2022:

Lion's Park mid-1980's

Site Cleanup:

  • Following the Lions organization’s auction and move-out, contractor efforts to remove debris and remediate the site were an important first step, to leaving the park clean, safe, and maintainable
  • The cleanup is now in the final stages.

Consultant Selection:

  • A process to solicit and review consultant qualifications is underway.
  • A wide range of qualified design firms have expressed interest in this project and the firm selection is anticipated in November.

Design Process:

  • The design consultant’s work will begin formally with the first round of public engagement in January 2023, followed by public outreach for feedback as the design moves forward.
  • A panel of community members has been established to help provide insight and expand the impact of the public outreach.
    • This group includes representatives from the Lions organization, McLennan County, the Extraco Events Center, the Waco Foundation, and the Cooper Foundation.
  • Concept and design work will be combined with construction and operations cost estimates to help plan the budget.
  • Design phase is anticipated to take 12-18 months.

What you need to know:

  • Have patience! The opportunity to be involved will come later in the process.
  • The current site will be completely clear of all rides and structures, then leveled, as we safely move forward.
  • We will plan with our current stakeholders as to how to involve community (and kids!) input in the large ‘reimagining’ process.

Lion's Park Aerial: October 2022

October 2022
October 2022
October 2022
October 2022